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Warning System

We understand that there can be miscommunications amongst roleplayers in the human world. While we strive to have an active, friendly, and fight-free environment, we know that sometimes personalities can clash. We expect our members to maintain respect and decorum for one another at all times. If rules are broken or fights break out, the staff reserve the right to enact the various steps of the warning system.

How Could I Get In Trouble?

Members could receive warnings for the following transgressions. Please be advised that this list could be added to or changed at any time, and the staff reserves the right to do this without warning.

  • Powerplaying or godmoding ICly. Bringing IC into OOC
  • Plagiarism or Art Theft
  • Fighting openly on the cbox
  • Threatening or blackmailing another member with OOC or IC punishments
  • Using any MCP or ACP functions without permission from the staff
  • Refusing to listen to a staff member
  • Disobeying cbox censors, which include intense swearing or mature language. This languages includes, but is not limited to, intimate body parts and sexual acts, offensive slang, or content that makes another member uncomfortable.
  • Posting offensive images, phrases, or games on the forum
  • Imitating a staff member
  • Harassing other members. This includes both on and off the forums, such as on Deviantart or on AIM or another chat service

Please be advised that we cannot copyright personality traits or names, and that character similarities are bound to happen. Because of this, warnings will not be issued for characters that seem similar in their personality, though if you feel as though something is blatant theft of your personal writing, please do report it to a staff member.

Our Warning System
Our warning system follows the steps below. Please be advised that steps can be skipped depending on the severity of the transgression, and that multiple complaints or instances of rule breaking can accelerate disciplinary action.

  1. An official warning via Instant Messenger or PM.
  2. A second warning via PM, plus the loss of a, or multiple, privileges for one week.
  3. A third warning via PM, plus the loss of access to the forums for one week.
  4. A final warning via E-Mail, which is permanent banishment from the forum.

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