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[Image: 29c3s53.jpg]My name is Ashon, and I have been roleplaying for almost 15 years. I have my bachelor's degree in Captive Wildlife Care, and I have volunteered at several different wolf rescues over the years. I read at least two books per week, I love doing graphics, and I'm currently learning how to play the violin. I'd love to chat! Hit me up on Discord (@Ashon#8831).
[Image: hVd5OLj.png?dateline=1510678651]Hello! It's a pleasure to write with all of you. Feel free to call me Claerie. Currently in university and deciding between applied mathematics and biomedical engineering for my undergraduate degree. My rabbit's name is Haiku, albeit he's back on the west coast while I'm on the east. Always feel free to reach out to me on Discord (@claerie#2084)
[Image: oOZA2Eq.png?dateline=1510588486]Hello! My name is Di, and I am a twenty-something Environmental Science undergrad quickly approaching her law school years. I live on the eastern coast of the U.S., have a dog I love very much, and have a slight obsession with Harry Potter. I enjoy reading, writing, skiing, and horseback riding. I can be found on Discord (@Di#6855).

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