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Land Name Voting

As a newly-discovered region, Khrusos is a blank slate. There are no established names for certain mountain ranges, no universally known titles for lakes or forests. As your characters grow familiar with the land, it makes sense for them to come up with identifying names themselves organically through roleplay. Chrysalis aims to let players and characters influence the board by making these names a featured aspect of the site.

Every IC Season, Staff will choose one in-character territory, and players may submit suggestions for a new name for that land. At the end of the suggestion period, the names will be reviewed by staff and then submitted for player voting. Whichever name has the most votes will be the new name assigned to that board.

The description of the land will remain largely the same - even if the Sunflower Field's name is changed to the Yellow Sea, it will still remain a field of sunflowers - but small edits may be made to better fit the land's new moniker. You may suggest any name, and feel free to also give us a reason for the change - for example, if you suggest 'D'mitri's Peak' for the Sunset Peak, we may include the backstory of D'mitri's tragic death in the new Peak board description.

The rules for the name submissions are as follows:
- One member may submit no more than two names at a time
- The name may not contain any expletives or inappropriate themes
- Name suggestions must be PMed to the Staff Account by January 7th!

This season, we will be featuring the Arctic Tundra.

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