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The Tundra has been a torturous place for the sea wolves. Their bodies ached with the need for warmth from the sun, paws burned as the frigged ice packed into the spacing between their toes, and their eyes streamed crystalline tears, frozen from the blasts of arctic air. They had to keep telling themselves to keep pushing, to keep up their pace. The snow would give way and green would blossom before their eyes again.

Green did come again, beautiful tall pines stretched out, dotting along the mountainside before thickening into a heavy forest. The alpines had acted like a heavy fortress, encapsulating a mirrored lake, protecting a crown jewel of crisp glacial water. It had been a blessed retreat for a few days. A stopping point on their journey South. The South always brought with it the promise of warmth.

A land of goldenrod, swaying like the gentle currents of the ocean on a summer's eve, was a stark contrast. The grasses were wild and tall, hissing like snakes as their stalks brushed together. The trees were but memories, a shell of their former self in heaps of charred stumps. Relic was awed when his eyes of brilliant luster fell upon the meadow. Succession was a wonderful thing, it brought birth and regrowth to a region that may have stalled. Fires were often seen as a devastation, but to a forest it was often a blessing. A fresh scrub, a new start, a symbol for the wolf and his sister as they stepped into the grasses."The God's smiles on us. This is a sign, a sign we are going in the right direction." Relic justified his decision to snatch Amulet away from the clutches of death, away from home. In an ironic twist, the Elder's had considered it their God's will to sacrifice the young girl, and Relic had disagreed. Now, he saw in a last ditch hope, that they were truly the ones to be blessed.

As the Autumn sun blazed on the charcoal wolf's back, his pelt shifted and rolled, shoulders feeling the need to stretch. His body warmed and his throat purred out a soft hum as he closed his eyes to soak in the rays. A small smile crept over his features as he took a moment to just breath. How long had it been? How many nights had passed before Relic felt as though he could sit down and relax? By now he was convinced that no one had followed them. Their tracks had been erased by the licking waves as they traveled along the beach. More importantly, the sandbar had vanished not long after they made the trek across its shifting sands.

A growl broke the silence.

Ears perked and swirled as Relic glanced over to his sister, "Are you hungry?" He asked with a grin, his voice a little more playful, a little less burdened. "Cause I am!" His stomach echoed his sudden burst, emphasizing his need to feed. "I'm sure this place has a hare or pheasant, what are you feeling?" If he was truthful, deer. Though the two of them would struggle and he had not seen one in days. Relic's tail flickered behind him, wavering cheerfully as he tried to settled into a new mood, a new found bliss.


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The red siren was getting tired, her paws ached but she did not whine nor did she complain to her twin brother. The winter wonderland that they had been dealing with was brutal to her thinner fur and no doubt her brother was suffering just as she was but she was not a princess. She did not say any of these things because she knew that he would never put her in danger, that he would find warmth for their fur once more. Even as the snow packed between her toes, even as flakes of ice tipped her lashes. She did not say a word but some times she gave a gentle whine without meaning to, she would shiver and lean against him in a silent protest from being so chilled.

Then, at long last. The vivid coloring of green, the fresh smell of grass. These assaulted her senses as she breathed deeply, her ears finally stood erect on her skull as she looked over the beautiful timbers. She took in her fill of crystal clear water, so crisp and clean that she almost dove in at that very moment but she feared that she might freeze as she just had.

It was the charred remains of a forest that made her look to her brother, his words came a a relief. The Gods were smiling on them now, telling them that the direction they were headed was the right one but why had they left? Why were they not allowed to see their family again, she missed them dearly. The pack that made her their Oracle, that made her believe that she was a gift of the Gods. She did not question her brother, even though the thought arose. Instead she beamed at him with a smile that could only express love and confidence in him, if he said the gods were smiling and giving them a sign, she would believe it.

Her fox like colored fur reveled in the light of the autumn sun, she lowered her top half and gave her frame a long stretch before shaking out the last bit of chill that tried to nestle into her bones. Then the growl of her stomach came. Her ears fell in embarrassment as her brother's eyes turned to her, she had his full attention now. He made her feel better when he piped in that he was hungry too, her tail swayed as she chimed in her own confirmation. "Yes!" It was a single word but it held a great amount of excitement then he asked what sounded better to her, hare or pheasant. Well, that was a hard choice! She liked them both! "Hare!" She spoke with childlike enthusiasm, her rump wiggling as she brushed against his side. Maybe she could save the fur.

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