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set before Run To the Edge

As their journey progressed she and Quest had found themselves passing through a marshland, though Quest was sure to keep them from the boggiest of areas so not to slow themselves down. Actually, they were making good time in their travels, and so Serena had decided that she would take some time to explore this new land. She and Quest had put good distance between themselves and the ocean now, and were on due course of meeting with his friends, and potential packmates. That morning Serena had informed her travel companion of her intent to explore the surrounding area and would return to him in a few hours, wanting to familiarise herself with the land.

She had not wandered far, and had followed the river so not to get lost - if she found herself in danger, she wanted to ensure that Quest would only be a howl away.

The monochrome woman sat crouched by the riverbank, watching a heron hunting by the reeds in the shallow waters. The bird had been standing for some time now - poised, endlessly patient, waiting for the perfect opportunity - now! Its movements were quick and fluid, striding forward on stilt-like legs and striking the water, lifting its head just a moment later to reveal its catch; a decently sized fish for a bird of its size. Satisfied, the heron moved on, disappearing into the reeds. It would eat well tonight.

The heron had made what had been quite a spectacle for the wolves look so easy - perhaps she (and Quest) could learn something from the way the waterbirds fished. Or perhaps she could just eat the waterbird. With a stretch, Serena raised herself onto her paws once again. She should head back to where Quest was - she didn’t want to keep him waiting much longer.


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A scouting trip. As the pair moved further South they had decided that they would split up to explore the area a little more thoroughly and to save time. They would stay close enough that should either sibling fall into trouble, the other would be there before things got too bad. Or so that had been the original plan. Relic had asked his sister to stop her quest by midday, but he had to wonder if she could and would resist the urge to keep moving. He himself had become transfixed and eager to find a solid point to call home. It was likely that she too would become just as determined.

The rush of a river roared into ear shot. It billowed up between the trees and long grasses that cluttered the banks. As the wolf came to a stop and he thought about his path, the decision became very easy. Muscles flexed and pulled the brute's body forward, through the grasses and the trees. Thirst had suddenly taken hold of the boy. The rumbles and grumbles of the river had beckoned the wolf forth and he did answer with eagerness. Soon, the darkened paws of coal made contact with the crisp bite of the water. Tongue lapped feverishly, gulps of water being yanked into his throat. It cooled his entire body, a chill creeping down from the tip of his muzzle to the pit of his stomach. It left him with a shiver as he stood in the river.

A rustle just downstream in the reeds caught the wolf's attention. His head pulled upright and turned so he could get a better angle. A tall, long neck bird struck lightning fast at the water. The bird's beak snapped just as quick, clapping down on a silvery flashing fish. Gobbling its meal down the bird turned and strolled off into the reeds. Droplets of water fell from the boy's chin as he stood watching the majestic creature. Cranes were graceful, powerful, and delicate altogether. They looked so fragile like the wolf could just swipe his paw and break it in two. Their looks were very deceiving, though they appeared to be lanky and awkward, they were nimble and swift. Just as the bird started to vanish into the tall grasses another form appeared. Cerulean eyes shifted and locked onto the silvered pelt of a she-wolf. Relic watched her briefly. A quick huff was forced from his lungs as he called out to her. It was a gentle greeting as he moved along the sandy bank of the river. "Hello there!" Relic's voice called over the river's, it was warm and welcoming. He wasn't sure what he wanted, or why he called out to her, but something told him he should.


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