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Night falls, casting a cloak of darkness across the land. Amidst the shadows, Savi is a beaming light, golden fur appearing aglow by the moon's soft shine as she travels without rhyme or reason. Most of her time these days is spent simply exploring and learning her new home, though she usually only ventures out in daylight. The world looks different at night, so much more mysterious and cryptic; and maybe it's her nativity, but she holds no fear for what the shadows may hide, for what monsters may lurk behind every corner. Blissfully unaware, she continues onwards, jauntily skipping with a song on her lips.

The sight of the tree on the horizon captivates her, draws her in like a moth to the flame. Bi-colored eyes bug out as she takes in its mammoth size, and when she's close enough, the odd knotting of its bark makes her gasp. What a peculiar, tree! Tail wags in joy at the unique find, a stupid smile crossing her face. "Hello, tree! Are you having a nice night?" she asks, blinking up at its outstretched branches. She's staring, waiting for a response for a solid minute before a wind rustles through, making the old branches creak and sway. Savi giggles, tail wagging all the harder as she chirps, "Oh, that's good! Me too."

The branches sway and sway, and Savi giggles and grins, thoroughly enjoying her 'conversation' with the tree.

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♦♦♦ Relic ♦♦♦


Who-whoooo. Who-whoooo.

A barn owl cooed out into the night, its song a soft, shallow enchantment in the darkness. Not long after the first hoots came another owl's cry. It echoed the first in every way but depth; it was much deeper than the first. Like the abyss of the ocean calling up to the coral seas. One owl asked its endless question to the North and another asked it to the South. They called back and forth to one another, bouncing the same melody again and again. It was enough to catch the wolf's attention. His attention was drawn upwards into the trees. The first owl seemed to be only meters away from his resting place, but the other? It sounded so far. Relic's eyes glanced down towards his sleeping sister. She was content and safe, and he saw no wrong with wondering off on his own for a while.

So he did. He followed the second owl's song into a meadow. This at first confused the boy. There was nowhere for a bird to roost here, and even a raptor needed a place to perch and hunt. Moonlight sprinkled down from the clouded sky, illuminating a single location that an owl would sit. A twisted tree danced in the windy silver light.

Licking his lips the wolf stood and contemplated leaving the forest. He was his sister's keeper, or he was his sister's keeper. He needed to remember that this was a new life for them, a chance for the two of them to create a new identity for themselves. But would they? Would he? It was proving to be difficult for the gray boy. With a deep breath, the wolf moved forward. He broke free of an invisible chain, it snapped at the heaviest locket and shattered the rest. He could almost physically feel the sudden relief and weight lifted off his shoulders as he moved into the grass. His ears swirled back against his skull in a moment of regret. Should he go back?

His heart beat like a drum, firm and steady as he once again questioned his decision. Who-Whooooo. The owl called out and Relic turned his head towards the now ominous tree. It suddenly stood as a symbol, one of freedom from a prison he did not know he was bound to. The wings of a great bird flapped overhead. His ears perked as he took off after the bird, following it blissfully into the night. Suddenly he felt lifted, brought to a new level of existence as he charged through the meadow without a care. For a moment he thought he would smile, to laugh out loud at this new experience. Then, the voice called out, it giggled and cooed like a fairy on the wind. He skipped to a halt, searching the area. "Mu?" He called out, convinced the giggles were his sister, and she had followed him.


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