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Gulikia Delphinine, the younger sibling of Moira Delphinine, attempted to lead the blind tundra wolf along the edge of a sandbar earlier in the day. When the ocean waves lowered further than usual, well -- of course Gulikia's azure eyes grew wide with excitement. What once lay behind the youthful lasses' haunches were a couple tropical boughs. The sand-laden shoreline had been golden in the sun. Now -- what lay before Gulikia's trundled step was the unknown, an adventure just waiting to be born. Said terrain held snow white like the top of a deadly mushroom. The water felt nearly the temperature of hydrous nitrogen when such touched along the back of Gulikia's rear left paw, wherein Gulikia yelped in shock. "Ah, so cold!" Gulikia leaped to shore shortly therein and frowned, glance thrown over the female's cream shoulder to see that only thin water stood where the familial pair had trod -- and looked to be deepening with each second. Gulikia's caramel-dusted ears went back as she lifted her blackened nose up to scent the wintry wind dishearteningly. 'Guess we blend in with the snow well enough.' But where would they find shelter or a meal for the night? "Sorry sis, looks like we're stuck here for awhile." Presumably, Moira had followed (but may not have). Though what would the sightless adult do without Gulikia's sprightly energy, not to mention the shared ocular spheres of lapis lazuli? "Hey - do you want to make a snow angel with me? C'mon, it'll be fun!" While Gulikia may essentially be Moira's caregiver, fun activities always took priority. Ashen tail wagged as she eagerly waited for a reply, turning around to look for where she assumed Moira's slim body would be.
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Unseeing orbs were frozen forward. Gulika's scent and the soft patter of her feet ahead were normally enough to reassure her of their routing, but for longer, more open treks, charcoal nose would bury itself in her tail or side. It was a comfort, or perhaps a blessing, to have the sister guide her at all.

She paused for momentary, uncommon doubt when the ground beneath her fell damp. It was like wet sand on the beach. Sticky, loose, grainy, and unfamiliar. Head rose up. Was Gulika leading them into the ocean?? It hadn't occurred to her in the slightest that tides shifted. If it had, the careful one would have asked her sibling if she was insane. One look at the water to their left and to their right and she would return the way they came. As far as Moira was concerned, the ocean could return at any moment and sweep them away. But she was thankfully in the dark, like always. She would continue onwards as long as the wetness didn't deepen beneath her. Gulika would, of course, have her every trust.

The wolf in front of her yelped, sending her jumping back. She had been following even more closely than usual, perhaps even with face attached quite literally to Gulika's hip. The girl had complained about something being cold. Yes, it did feel as though the temperature dropped. Suddenly, the soft squishy sounds of her sister's pawsteps had turned into a crunch. This sound was different, but remembered. 'Snow?' The air that filled Moira's lungs after leaving the sandbar crystalized to the insides of her lungs, making her want to cough. Instead, she smiled simply. "Where is here?" She asked the woman in loo of snow angel comments, "What do you see?"


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