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Winter Year 1

Please PM Di if you have any suggestions for threads to be featured in Minutes. Threads featured should be fun, interesting, or important. Submissions should be sent in with an appropriate tagline, i.e. "Bob and Sue go hunting -- but something went wrong..." We are aiming to make Minutes like a seasonal newspaper, so we'll restart every IC season!

The top three threads submitted the most each season will receive special prizes.

- Adelaide and Embryn discuss the merits of mutations and friendship. What will they decide?
- Quest, Zodiak, Kalasyn and Satori try to bring down a cougar together. Will they be successful? *
- Creating a family, betting on tails and a price of a hare! *
- San meets Banja, but their tense interactions make for an interesting encounter.
- Aleera is looking for someone. But will Am-heh be who she seeks?
- Embryn and Quest are starting a pack!
- Screech regales Capricornus with intricately woven tales -- and offers to teach her all he knows.

Submit today!
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[Image: and_a_price_of_a_hare.png]

Our first picture prize, courtesy of Savage, goes to Embryn, Quest, Kalasyn, and Serena for "Run to the Edge"!

Please remember to submit threads to be featured in the Minutes!

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