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Butterfly System
Butterflies are a way to keep track of your character’s progress in the game. Chrysalis encourages completion of IC achievements in your character’s lifetime, and each achievement is recorded as its own butterfly icon on your character's profile. Earning butterflies through IC interactions unlocks new, rare mutations for your characters. Plus, they're super cute!

For more information on what actions can earn your character a butterfly, please see the Butterfly System in the User Manual.

Unlock Rare Mutations

On Chrysalis, some rare mutations are unlocked through participation in our butterfly reward system. Through IC interactions and achievements, and depending on how many butterflies you have attributed to your account, your character may express the following mutations:

3 Butterflies: Multi Tail
5 Butterflies: Third Eye
7 Butterflies: Photosynthesis
10 Butterflies: Regeneration

Please bear in mind that these rare mutations can ONLY be unlocked through butterfly rewards -- they will never be available for purchase in our shop.

Claiming a Butterfly

To claim a butterfly, please fill out the form below and reply to this thread. A staff member will update your character's achievements as soon as possible. If you reach a butterfly threshold that unlocks a rare mutation, you may post in the Mutation Station to claim it at any time.
<b>Character Name:</b> : Your character's full name
<b>Butterfly Request:</b> : Which Butterfly are you claiming?
<b>Evidence Thread:</b> : Link to thread in which you have earned the butterfly

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