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He was only safe directly after he’d had a proper meal. It had only been a week or so since he had last eaten and already he could feel the crawling sensation. The dryness of his mouth. The wayward flickering of his eyes. Hard to express in words this feeling. This sensation when the shadow began to dig its claws back into his mind. When guilt began to ease and shame transformed into anger. Anger into hatred. Hated into action. The cycle had always been and would always be - for he had tried to end it and he always failed. Perhaps because he was not strong enough, or maybe because deep down the desire to stop wasn’t as as strong as his desire to continue. Perhaps the monster his father wanted him to be had finally won against the angel his mother tried to keep him as. Equally torn between the two halves that made him. The person he wanted to be, and the person he couldn’t escape becoming. Maybe he liked power more than he thought he did because for him there was no greater rush, a relationship unparalleled between that of murderer and victim. Watching the light leave their eyes. Witnessing their soul separate itself from their body. An intimacy that could never be matched.

Perhaps all of these reasons. Perhaps none of them. Maybe all he truly cared about was the taste of his own kind.

An almost gagging sort of noise escaped his lips as he tried to choke down some bit of rabbit caught at the base of the verdant volcano that loomed just overhead. Taking down such prey held no challenge to him. No, excitement. Not like it did to others. That was because they had never tried to hunt one another. There is no hunting like the hunting of your own kind and those who have hunted in such a way, and liked it, never truly care for anything else. This was the only way in which Liet could fight his cravings. To, in some small way, spare more lives than he aught to take. The multi-colored male was still trying to get a hang on these overwhelming cravings. For this desire to rend the flesh of his fellow wolf and taste them - to make them become apart of him - was only a little under a year old. It had not always been there. Not until his father forced his paw. Necessity is what gave him these tastes in the first place. To survive the wolf who sired him learned just before he died just the sort of monster he had made. His mother...his mother was long dead and decaying before he could stomach her as well. When they were gone he had nothing left and the pack he hailed from knew what he had become.

There was no place to go but forward. In going forward he had choice to keep hidden the thing that made him a monster. Even if that inner creature made him stronger, was it worth all of the pain and agony he could so clearly remember suffering? ...The truth was is that he didn’t know the answer to that. He wanted what he wanted and even the guilt of taking it wasn’t enough to leash him. Perhaps nothing was. Liet had so wanted to be a good person, like his mother wanted - but once this wretchedness had been unbound within him he could do little more that wallow in it. It was a constant struggle within himself. A war that went unseen. ”Ugh, I don’t remember rabbit being so...bland.” He complained quietly to himself, his blue-gray form touched by colors meant only for birds lounging upon a flat, warm rock. This meal would hardly do anything for the likes of him, but at least the familiar taste of blood on his tongue might ease the urges a bit. Like eating poppy seeds to take the edge off pain. A way to medicate the mind.

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