The Cleansing [Event]
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Cleansing Event

The pale blue waters of the glacial lake lay quiet and serene in the shadows of the warm Spring evening. The darkness rests lightly, poised upon the brink of flight; the stars are out in full force. This night is different, somehow. The fauna of the Taiga all know it; they have gathered here in multitudes, standing at the edge of the lake. Prey and predator alike brush shoulders, each of them gazing intently upon the azure waters. Horned panthers stand besides gargantuan rabbits; winged deer beside glowing bear. The lake waters begin to glow, bright blue-green - and one by one the animals wade into the depths. They emerge naked, free from the mutations that otherwise plagued them; wings shed, antlers abandoned, they leave the lakeside looking clean and natural and new.

[OOC NOTE: The event will be open for a limited time. If your character touches or interacts with the lake water in any way WITHIN THIS THREAD, you may elect to remove any number of mutations from their design. Please make it clear which mutations you want to remove, and note that your character MAY enter and exit this thread within the same post if you so choose. There will not be further interaction/response from the Staff account.]

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